Procedures with clients who have been vaccinated

- Temperature control on arrival of our guests.

- Vaccinated guests are automatically exempted from mandatory RT-PCR testing on arrival in the Autonomous Region of Madeira. In this case, the tourist / individual will have to present a document that certifies that the carrier has been vaccinated against COVID-19, according to the stipulated plan and respecting the period of activation of the immune system as foreseen in the Summary of Product Characteristics (SmPC).

- A tourist / individual who has tested positive in the past 90 days may be excused, provided that they have a medical document that proves and certifies that this carrier is recovered from the disease COVID-19 and that it has occurred in the last three months.

- It is recommended by the Regional Government of Madeira that any official document of this genesis be uploaded to the Madeira Safe Site before the trip, for a more celebrated process on arrival.

Other Procedures

- Temperature control of customers on arrival and disinfection of hands

- Test order request COVID-19 made at least 72 hours ago or on arrival at Madeira International Airport.

- If the client has done the test at the Airport, he must remain inside the room until the result is obtained by the competent authorities on the test.

- Request for identification documents, without contact preferably by asking to be forwarded to the following email:

- Disinfection of room keys in front of customers before handing them over. (If the customer prefers, we have a Mobile key App. and it is necessary to download from the following LINK

- Communication to guests of the Hotel’s best practices and operation / procedures. (Ex: Pre-booking for breakfast, wearing a mask, disinfecting hands, social distance, etc.).

- Avoid cash payments, if possible give preference to the ATM or Credit contactless cards.

- No tourist information is provided on paper or other types of flyers.

- Prior booking of breakfast and check-out time.

Compliance with rules established in the “Declaration of healthy and safe establishment”

All Hotel staff received specific information with meetings and training on internal protocol related to COVID-19 and all its updates whenever necessary, including basic preventive precautions on how to do them correctly:

» Hand hygiene
» Respiratory etiquette
» Blowing nose
» Social conduct

As well as enforcing all the guidelines of the Directorate General for Health (DGS) for cleaning all surfaces / areas and treating clothes in establishments.

The establishment has

- Personal protective equipment in sufficient numbers for all workers.

- Personal protective equipment available for sale to customers (individual kit).

- Dispensers of alcohol-based antiseptic solution or alcohol-based solution in all Public Areas including the Reception.

- Social distance measures duly marked as well as acrylic protections in or to protect customers/employees.

- Place to isolate people that can be detected as suspected or confirmed cases of COVID-19.