Events in Madeira

Find from Madeira Festivals one event, which is very special for you

Madeira is the host of countless festivals and parades throughout the year.

The Carnival Festivities, held in February as well, are considered one of the greatest street parties in Europe. Music is the main ingredient during this week-long party where locals dance in the streets in colorful costumes and participate in the closure parade.

Nature lovers will especially enjoy Madeira on March when the Madeira Flower Festival takes place. The main streets of Funchal are draped in dazzling flowers. Children build a "Wall of Hope" while the rest of the population craft flower carpets and attend to classical music concerts.

On May, tourists can witness one of the most important events held in Funchal: the Reid's Palace Classic Auto Show. This is the place to see a vast collection of unique cars, scooters and motorbikes. The exhibit ends with visitors enjoying a cocktail and a parade.

If you are more of a melomaniac, make sure you are in Madeira for July when the Funchal Jazz Festival and the 48 hours Dancing Folklore Festival are held. Renowned jazzists from around the world and local artists perform during the Jazz Festival in Santa Catarina Park. The Dancing Folklore, on the other hand, is a great opportunity to taste local food while witnessing the authentic Madeiran culture.

The Festival of Wine, Embroidery and Handicrafts, which takes place on September, provides tourists with the opportunity to live the local life and meet Madeiran artists and craftsmen. They will also be able to take part in numerous workshops, as well as wine tastings and auctions.

Speaking of food, several gastronomical festivals take place in this astonishing island. Some examples include the Festa da Cebola (Onion Festival) and the Festa do Limao (Lemon Festival), held in May; the Festa da Cereja (Cherry Festival), in June; the Banana Exhibit, in July; the Apple Festival in September; and the Festa da Castanha (Chesnut Festival), in November.

Everyone should consider visiting Madeira at least once during Christmas and New Year's Eve when the widest variety of events is held. Musicians come to the island to perform, and people sing in the streets. Madeira offers one of the most spectacular and unforgettable fireworks display on New Year's Eve, which you can enjoy also from Hotel Madeira terrace.