Activities in Madeira

There are so many activities and places to see that you will want to visit Madeira more than once in a lifetime! There is so much to discover in this island. Make Madeira your next stop and you will find out why so many people are speaking of this place. Just pack and book a room at Hotel Madeira to get access to all of the wonders you can find in the centre of Funchal. Visit Madeira and get a glimpse of paradise on Earth.

If you find yourself in need of some adventure and enriching activities, you can try playing golf, tennis or squash. Football fans can also spend their weekend in the Barreiros football stadium to see the local team, Marítimo. Should you feel like partying as a local, then just wait for the fireworks to appear in the sky, as it is the way of announcing where the local party will be held that weekend. Festas are an amazing way of getting in touch with the culture, eating typical snacks and get to know local bands.

Certainly the best way to discover Madeira is by foot. Walking along the Levadas (water channels in rural areas) is a peaceful experience in which visitors roam free along the countryside surrounded only by birdsong and mild summertime wind. Tourists who enjoy calm promenades may also stroll in one of Funchal´s botanic gardens such as the Jadrim Orquidea and Palmeira. The countryside also offers a stunning view of small and ingenious vineyards and terraces where locals grow their own grapes and vegetables.

Madeira´s beaches are one of the pleasures visitors will always remember. Breathtaking cliffs can be seen throughout the coastline and the numerous natural rock pools with emerald turquoise water are an invitation for a relaxed evening feeling the sea breeze while sipping a poncha, a traditional cocktail containing sugar cane rum, honey, and lemon juice.

If you are feeling a little bit more adventurous, you might as well pay Curral das Freiras (Nun´s Valley) and Pico do Arieiro a visit. These are part of the volcanic heart of Madeira. Luckily, the volcano is not active anymore, but it surely offers a great spectacle of naturally solidified lava sculptures and Madeira´s origins. You can also take some of the routes found along the mountains, where you can put to use your climbing abilities and feel energized.

Moreover, you can take a ferry to Porto Santo to enjoy a 2.5 hours travel while enjoying a tasty meal to then walk on the therapeutic golden sands. You can also take a boat to sail near the Funchal Bay where you are likely to see turtles, whales and dolphins depending on the season. Water sports fans will also be able to perform several activities such as surf and scuba diving.