Food and drinks in Madeira

What are your preferences in food and drinks? Find it all in Madeira.

Visiting Madeira is a wonderful opportunity to find out what "eating locally" truly means.

Most dishes include locally cultivated ingredients such as carrots and onions, as well as their favourite source of protein: codfish. It plays an important role in the Madeiran diet. It is prepared in many different ways and by using several ingredients such as cream, potatoes, and other vegetables.

There are so many options that you will find out that just one journey might not be enough to get hold of everything Madeira offers on the gastronomical side. Regardless of your food preferences, you are likely to find several options that will leave you satisfied.

Some of the soups prepared in the archipelago include the already famous tomato and onion soups as well as the a├žorda, which is a bread-based soup prepared by mixing garlic, olive oil and poached eggs in a boiling water bowl. As a side, you can order a bolo do caco, a bread sprinkled with garlic butter and parsley.

If you are traveling with a relatively large group, a picado might be the best option for you as it is tailored according to the number of people in your party. This dish is usually prepared using fried beef with garlic, red peppers and a generous portion of french fries. This is a good bonding experience since everyone eats from the same dish using toothpicks.

Farmer's market flowers

Farmer's market fruits

Farmer's market fish

Regarding the fish, tuna and scabbard fish are also part of the main courses offered by restaurants. Tuna is traditionally marinated in oregano and olive oil. and then grilled or fried. On the other hand, scabbard fish provides a tropical twist when prepared with bananas. Chicken, beef and pork are also included in the menu.

There is always something for everyone.
When you get to Madeira, make sure not to miss the opportunity to try desserts. For instance, honey cookies and honey cake are a must for every visitor and can be found in Panorama Bar of Hotel Madeira.

Let's make a toast to the most beautiful place in the world! Madeira is well known by the wine that bears its name. Wine lovers will find a never ending supply of this luxurious and exquisite wine on the island. There are, however, many other options for cocktails and even for non-alcoholic beverages.

The poncha, which we already mentioned, is a traditional drink. Another speciality is the refreshing nikita, made out of pineapple, ice cream and beer. Last but not least, apple cider is also a good option, especially when celebrating something as it brings the festive spirit to life.