The Levadas in Madeira are one of the most famous tourist attractions

Madeira is very famous for "Levadas". But what are Levadas? - you may ask.
These are old aqueducts that have been present on the island for hundreds of years. They are one of the most famous features of the island, and definitely are worth the trip to Madeira.

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The Levadas represent the rich combination of history and natural beauty in Madeira. They were built among the heights of the beautiful mountains, perfect for bringing water, and in turn agriculture to many areas of the island. The construction was started in the sixteenth century, and the levadas were still being built in the 1940s.

Over time, these Levadas shaped the way that irrigation, farming and daily life were carried out on Madeira. Today, these Levadas bring water, and are used for hydroelectric power. They are also one of the largest tourist attractions on the island.

All of this is achieved whilst being located in some of the most impressive and breath-taking scenery on the island. As you meander through the Levadas, you will begin to understand the charm, and allure of this beautiful island. Indeed, the Levadas alone are a draw for walkers the world over.

Some of the Levadas are located in UNESCO world heritage sites, this includes the world famous Laurel forest. The different Levadas can be of varying difficulty to walk, it would be good to research in advance which walks would suit your needs best. With over 2000 km of Levadas to navigate on the whole island, you will have no shortage of beautiful scenery and rich culture.

While you have your best holidays with us at the Hotel Madeira, allow the stunning slopes and views of the local Levadas enchant you.