The most popular sightseeings

Madeira is a wonderful holiday destination. The weather is perfect all year long and the food and leisure available will make your journey an unforgettable experience you will cherish your whole life. This is a great place to be filled with peace and inspiration and also to find adventures and meet new friends.

You can either explore Madeira on your own asking locals to tell you the story of their homeland, or you can find a tourist guide who will likely take you through Madeira's history by visiting the Story Centre. The visitors are able to interact with each subject of exhibitions through sound, vision, or other multimedia technology.

You will also find a great number of churches and convents such as the Sé Cathedral. This breathtaking building provides insight to the times of Portuguese colonization. It was built in 1514. The details and artwork of the cathedral depict the local life of those years as it is shown in one of the angels’ figures who is carrying bananas and a wineskin. Its silver cross is also considered one of the greatest work of art of those times.

For a 17th-century woodwork sample, visit the Collegiate Church. Don't forget to go to the Museum of Sacred Art to take a look at Flemish art from the 15th and 16th century.

Spend at least one morning of Friday or Saturday (the busiest days) at the colourful and animated farmers market. Located east of the Sé Cathedral, this is the island's largest market where you can find huge bunches of flowers, all variety of fresh fruit and vegetables, also fish and seafood landed the same day.

The Madeira Cable Car is one of Funchal's most popular sightseeing attractions. The cabins afford outstanding 360-degree views of the capital below, the mountain landscape and Atlantic Ocean. On top you can visit Botanic Garden or Tropical Monte Palace Garden. Probably the best and the most exciting way of going down to the city is by the Monte Toboggan.

The cable car esplanade is located new "Old Town" of Funchal, the city's oldest neighbourhood, where some of the earliest streets and buildings are located. Here the doors are painted by Portuguese and international artists as part of the Art Open Doors project.

Craft shops are also an ideal place to find a souvenir loaded with the culture and history of the locals. Besides, souvenir shops are loaded with the local spirit and the hospitality of Madeirans. Hotel Madeira souvenirs can be bought in the reception. Bring something to remember your stay once you go back home.