Hotel Madeira renovation

Renovation of Hotel Madeira


Hotel Madeira renovation

One year passed after Hotel Madeira was closed for the renovation and has been completely reconstructed within 3 months.

It was really a hard job and we are sincerely grateful to companies and experts who helped us in this project. Our Consultants, Lawyers, Architects, Designers, Developers, Banks have made high quality services and works for us. Hotel Madeira team, all the employees, were as a family that helped a lot, because it was not easy to take part in renovation of Hotel Madeira and to get the hotel in order after all construction works.

Today we are happy to present you a New Hotel Madeira. The hotel has a new image, a new logo with the motive of Madeira Embroidery. It is like a mirror reflecting the Sun, the Ocean and Madeira.
We stronlgy believe the new hotel will be able to save reputation created by its staff during the long years of work and attention to the guests of the Sunny Island.